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Summer 2017 Issue

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Using Speech to Combat Robocalls, ANI Spoofing, and Fraud

With voice biometrics and interactive voice response technologies, companies can drastically reduce call center chaos

The Bots Are Coming, and Fast

To improve customer service, enterprises embrace artificial intelligence, and the change ripples through IVR systems

Voice Design Tools Get a Redesign of Their Own

The technology undergoes a transformation as omnichannel takes over interactions


Georgia Tourism Voicemails Transcribed to Emails

A custom voicemail-to-email app allows tourism centers to respond quickly to voicemails left after hours and during busy times


Editor's Letter

If Speech Will Help, Bring It On!

The companies bold enough to deploy speech technologies to combat fraud have seen tremendous results.

Forward Thinking

What Will Future User Interfaces Look Like?

As we enter the 'immersive age,' we need to prepare for a whole new way of interacting

In Other Words

Speech Technology Can Make the Boardroom Accessible to All

Workplaces must be opened up to those who are hearing-, sight-, and physically impaired. The speech industry can help lead the way.

Inside Outsourcing

Blocking Fraud in the Contact Center

Voice biometrics has proved an effective security measure, but early, robust training is crucial


Voice-First Bots and the Future of IVR

The success of Siri, Alexa, and the like can only benefit IVR solutions

Voice Value

Virtual Assistants Make Speech Technology Relevant Worldwide

Customers everywhere are growing increasingly comfortable talking to IVAs


4 Speech Technology Standards That Need to Happen ASAP

With new technologies appearing all the time, standards must keep pace


Microsoft Advances Speech APIs

Custom Speech Service and the Bing Speech API are now generally available

Overheard Underheard

Under-the-radar speech news

Speech Recognition Nears Human Accuracy

IBM's Switchboard speech recognition system achieves a new industry record error rate of just 5.5 percent, near the 5.1 percent error rate of humans

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