Speech Technology eWeekly - July 28, 2021

Speech Technology News

Smart Speaker Market to Reach $24.09 Billion in 2028

Emergen Research sees the rise of voice-enabled assistants like Amazon Alexa fueling market growth for the next seven years.

Winterlight Studies Speech-Based Biomarkers in Alzheimers Patients

Winterlight's research with Genentech is using audio recordings to identify speech-based biomarkers for Alzheimers.

Foxit Adds a TTS Tool in Its Latest PDF SDK

Foxit PDF SDK 8.0 includes a new text-to-speech tool.

Aloe Care Receives U.S. Patent for Its Voice-Enabled Medical Alert System

Aloe Care's Emergency Event Detection And Response System is now patent-protected.

myQ Brings Voice-Controlled Garage Door Opening to Mercedes' Infotainment System

With myQ Connected Garage Control, Mercedes drivers can now close, open, and check the status of their garage doors through voice prompts.

Rev Launches Meeting Assistant

Rev Meeting Assistant provides real-time transcripts of Zoom meetings.

Forward Thinking

3 Trends That Will Shape IVA Development

Voice assistants are poised to become more specialized and less platform-specific