Speech Technology eWeekly - August 11, 2021


2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: AppTek Takes Captioning to New Screens

AppTek has a long history of innovation in the areas of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, machine translation, natural language processing and understanding, and text-to-speech technologies, and finally it is getting the worldwide recognition it deserves.

Speech Technology News

Cigna Launches StressWaves Voice-Activated Stress Test

Cigna StressWaves is a free online tool that detects both acoustic and semantic patterns in voice to determine stress levels.

Orbita Launches Solutions Center

Orbita Solution Center helps healthcare organizations deploy voice and chatbot virtual assistants to close gaps in care.

Verint Acquires Conversocial for $50 Million

Conversocial gives Verint added social and messaging channels and conversational AI capabilities. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

LG Uplus Kiosks to Deploy Kardome Voice Activation Technology

Kardome's voice technology will enable private, secure voice recognition interaction in LG Uplus kiosks throughout South Korea.

Audioburst Introduces Finder for Searching Podcasts

Audioburst Finder is an embeddable search widget for the audio in podcasts.

AWS Launches Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics

Amazon Transcribe Call Analtics lets companies glean insights from customer conversations with a single API call.

DefinedCrowd Releases AI Models for Non-Native English Speakers

DefinedCrowd?is offering AI developers free speech datasets to test how well their speech recognition models understand non-native English speakers with a variety of accents.

VUI Market to Reach $95.4 Billion by 2030

Allied Market Research foresees the voice user interface market growing at a compound annual rate of 21.5 percent through 2030.