Speech Technology eWeekly - August 25, 2021


2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: HandsFree Health Keeps Seniors Safe

HandsFree Health is revolutionizing the voice-enabled virtual health assistance market with a complete line of voice-enabled products to help the elderly stay safe and healthy in their homes.

Speech Technology News

Apple Launches Siri Speech Study App

Siri Speech Study seeks user input to improve Apple's speech recognition.

Pocketbook Adds ReadSpeaker TTS

ReadSpeaker's text-to-speech voices are available to Pocketbook users in the latest software update.

Semafone’s Cardprotect Voice+ Integrates with Epic

Cardprotect Voice+ now enables secure financial transactions within Epic's electronic health records for healthcare providers and patients. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

Lia 27 Partners with D-ID on Video and Audio Creation

The partnership allows Lia to create customized videos in minutes.

Dialpad Integrates with Clio Manage

Dialpad's Clio integration gives law firms call transcription, recording, and connectivity.

NICE Launches Enlighten XO

NICE's Enlighten XO uses advanced artificial intelligence for creating conversational intelligence to power smart self-service across digital channels. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

The View from AVIOS

The Future of Intelligent Voice Assistants

Will you have one voice assistant or many? Which model will dominate?