Speech Technology eWeekly - December 22, 2021

Voice Value

Poor IVR Will Make Your Customers Talk (Not in a Good Way)

Subpar design is bad for everyone.

Speech Technology News

Glue42 Partners with Speech Vendor Aiera

Aiera is bringing speech recognition and voice technology to Glue42's financial services desktop and meeting applications.

MLCommons Releases Two Big Open-Source Speech Datasets

ML Commons is helping developers improve machine learning and language translation with its two new data sets.

Stenograph Launches Phoenix Automatic Speech Recognition Engine

Stenograph's new ASR engine is geared specifically for the legal transcription market.

Chinese Firm Bairong Earns a Patent for Voice Interruption Tech

Bairong's patent covers its speech technology integration into a softswitch.

Digital Assistant Market to Reach $33.8 Billion by 2026

Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence projects 32 percent growth per year for the digital assistant market worldwide.

Chant Launches Speech Manager

Chant Speech Manager enables applications to create and schedule speech processing requests.

Verbit Acquires Automatic Sync Technologies

Verbit expands transcription and captioning for the government and education industries with its acquisition of Automatic Sync Technologies.