Speech Technology eWeekly - November 09, 2022


2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: Speechmatics Makes Speech Recognition Truly Automatic

Speechmatics develops speech recognition software based on recurrent neural networks and statistical language modeling. The company, which was founded in 2006, recently collected $62 million in funding to advance its global expansion and infrastructure improvement plans.

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound Has Driving Ambitions for Speech

SoundHound, an audio and speech recognition company founded in 2005, has advanced as one of the top providers of in-car voice systems, elevating the automotive voice experience from a legacy command-and-control interface to more intuitive conversational functionalities for drivers and passengers.

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Customizes TTS Voice Development

ReadSpeaker, a Dutch company founded in 1999, has operated as a subsidiary of HOYA since 2017. It provides text-to-speech solutions with more than 110 voices in more than 35 languages, but its most significant work has been in the area of customized voice creation.

Speech Technology News

TTS Market to Reach $12.5 Billion by 2031

The market for text-to-speech systems will see 16.3 percent growth through 2031, Allied Market Research finds.

BlueSkyeye Eyes Speech to Diagnose Perinatal Depression

BlueSkyeye is looking at face and voice recognition technology to diagnose depression among pregnant women.

RAIN Secures $11 Million in Funding

RAIN Technology will use the cash infusion to further develop industry-specific voice assistants.

RealWear Launches Voice-Controlled Thermal Camera

RealWear's Thermal Camera module connects with RealWear Navigator headsets enable frontline industrial workers to conduct inspections, enhance remote support sessions, and avoid equipment downtime using voice commands.

NVIDIA Joins Mozilla Common Voice Initiative

NVIDIA is lending its support to an initiative to develop speech AI models for low-resource languages.

IRIS Audio Technologies Accelerates U.S. Expansion

IRIS' U.S. expansion will focus on call centers, speech analytics, and specialist communications.

SoundHound and HARMAN Partner on Conversational Voice AI for Automotive

SoundHound's voice AI will enable in-vehicle apps and connected devices.