Speech Technology eWeekly - December 28, 2022

Speech Technology News

Dialpad Launches AI Labs

DialpadĀ has committed $50 million to the continued research and development of artificial intelligence-related technologies.

Google Shuts Down Duplex on the Web

Google has deprecated Duplex on the Web to focus on the phone product

Gizmore Launches Voice-Enabled Smart Watch

Gizmore's new smartwatch comes with voice control features.

Neonode and EPICNPOC Partner on Contactless Automotive Technologies

Neonode and EPICNPOC are working to develop automotive interfaces that combine modalities, including voice.

Seasalt Partners with Twilio on SeaX Contact Center Bundle

SeaX combines Seasalt.ai's speech technologies with Twilio Flex contact center technologies.

In Other Words

Voice Cloning: A Breakthrough with Boundless Potential

Get ready for a set of technologies that could revolutionize human communication.