Speech Technology eWeekly - April 12, 2023


Has Speech Crossed the Uncanny Valley?

People no longer see humanlike speech as too creepy. The question is whether that will last.

Speech Technology News

AppTek Updates Automatic Speech Recognition, Isometric Neural Machine Translation, and Speaker-Adaptive Dubbing

AppTek is rolling out a fully automatic dubbing solution featuring speech recognition, isometric neural machine translation, speaker-adaptive speech synthesis, solutions for language identification, voice conversion, subtitling, automatic captioning, and other AI tools.

Innovative Eyewear Launches ChatGPT-Enabled Glasses

Innovative Eyewear launched the Lucyd mobile app that enables a voice interface for ChatGPT on its smart eyewear.

SyncWords Launches AI Live Dubbing

SyncWords' AI Live Dubbing can translate virtual and hybrid events in up to 40 languages in real time.

Vivoka Launches Embedded NLU

Vivoka's embedded natural language technology lets voice assistants run offline.

3Play Media and Brightcove Partner on Video Accessibility

The partnership enables Brightcove customers to request video captioning and other services from within the Brightcove platform. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com).

Aircall Launches Transcription Feature

Aircall can now provide call and voicemail transcripts for sales and support teams.

VoiceInteraction to Launch 7.0 Product Suite

VoiceInteractions 7.0 includes automatic speech recognition for captioning and broadcast compliance monitoring.