Speech Technology eWeekly - September 24, 2008

Speech Technology News

Speech Helped Hurricane Evacuees

Speech solutions helped travel and hospitality companies to manage unplanned call volume spikes as thousands of people evacuated from hurricanes' paths.

Nexidia Raises the Analytical Stakes

Company's new ESI version is reportedly faster, more accurate, and gives a clearer picture of customer interactions.

Google Adds Audio to Search Capabilities, Android Is Next

With the release of Google Audio Indexing, the search giant makes videos searchable by audio content through speech-to-text technology.

Tellme Shouts Out a New Aspect to Contact Center Offerings

A hybrid solution from Aspect Software and Microsoft's Tellme subsidiary validates ongoing plans to deliver unified communications to the masses.

SpinVox Logs a Cross-Country Run

Charlie Engle is using speech-to-text technologies from SpinVox to post blogs and other highlights of his cross-America run.

The View from AVIOS

Convenience Is King

Consumer tradeoffs of security versus ease of use could affect the market for voice biometrics.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Retail

Talking to Customers Goes High Tech