Speech Technology eWeekly - July 19, 2023


Speech Analytics Can Help Steer Chatbot Interactions

Companies are beginning to apply traditional speech analytics to their automated conversations.

Speech Technology News

Optimove Adds Voice Search Capabilities to Opti-X

Optimove's new speech-to-text capability will enhance the search experience for consumers.

SoapBox Labs Receives Funding to Develop Voice Technology for Spanish-Speaking Children

Funding will help SoapBox develop Spanish voice engine to support literacy and language learning for students across the U.S

HitPaw Launches Real-Time Voice Changer

HitPaw's Real-Time Voice Changer lets users add filters and effects to their voices.

FineShare Launches Online Voice Changer

FineShare is introducing an online voice changer with AI voice cloning.

Resemble AI Launches Detector, a Deepfake Identifier

Resemble Detect validates the authenticity of audio data to expose deepfakes in real time.

Philips’ SpeechLive Earns FirstNet Verification

First responders and FirstNet subscribers can now access Philips SpeechLive via the FirstNet App Catalog.