Speech Technology eWeekly - November 12, 2008


Waiting by the Phone

Why the U.S. watches and waits as Europe and Asia roll out interactive voice and video response technology.

Speech Technology News

SVOX Introduces Polyglot TTS

With new text-to-speech system, foreign words or phrases can be spoken like a native.

Alelo To Develop Speech-Enabled Learning Portal For ESL Students

Alelo is developing an interactive, web-based, speech-enabled learning portal for students of English as a second language after winning a contract from the US Broadcasting Board of Governors.

YouMail Announces New Voicemail Transcription Services

Users Can Receive High-Quality Transcriptions of All Voicemails via SMS or Email

Dial West for Emergency Services

A proposed acquisition by West will expand the contact center power into the 9-1-1 emergency services segment.

EndWar Game Features Total Voice Command

Ubisoft revolutionizes gaming with new Tom Clancy game that can be controlled entirelt by voice.

NICE Introduces First Integrated Voice and Transaction Analytics Solution

Cross-channel compliance solution from NICE and subsidiary Actimize extracts insights from trading calls and transactions to boost trading surveillance and investigation, reduce risk, and operational costs.

The View from AVIOS

The Holy Grail of Speech

Collaboration will expand speech recognition's potential