Speech Technology eWeekly - February 25, 2009


Implementation Strategies 2009

A complete guide to deploying speech.

Industry View

Thoughts for the Men in Black

Questions to ponder as we advance audio-mining capabilities.

Speech Technology News

Microsoft Launches Mobile Voice Search Application

Microsoft Recite makes use of voice pattern matching and is now available for Windows mobile devices.

Mass Messaging Use Grows Among Schools

Schools use Blackboard to communicate with the parents of 11 million students to enhance attendance and safety.

Loquendo and Telecom Italia Deliver Uebbi

The new touchscreen multimedia home device from Telecom Italia features TTS from Loquendo.

Nuance and Uncle Sam Unleash the Dragon on U.S. Military Bases

The U.S. Army looks to Nuance for medical transcription services at home and abroad.

Loquendo Releases VoxNauta 7.1.0

The company makes available the new version of its VoiceXML/CCXML platform.