Speech Technology eWeekly - March 11, 2009


Opening Keynote at Voice Search 2009 Looks to Future of Technology

The future of voice search technology is discussed and debated by industry experts at Voice Search 2009.

Voice Search Technology Fills the Future of Contact Centers with Challenges

Speech experts debate the future of contact centers as Voice Search 2009 draws to a close.


2009: A Nail in the Road for Automotive Speech?

The rough economy could place in-car system sales in jeopardy.

Speech Technology News

Yahoo Looks to Mobile to Increase Its Share of Internet Searches

The company turns to mobile and voice search to reinvigorate its standing in the search engine arena.

Voxeo Puts API in the Clouds

New Tropo platform expands the developer community's programming language choices.

SpinVox to Provide Skype with Voice-To-Screen Messaging

The service will convert Skype voice messages to text and deliver them to mobile devices.

SimulScribe Delivers Voice Transcription with New Private Label Services

PhoneTag service provider offers three new APIs to carriers and developers.


CCXML: A Standard for Managing Calls

Markup language makes it easier to develop telephony applications.