Speech Technology eWeekly - March 25, 2009



Under-the-radar speech news

Speech Technology News

Verizon Wireless Launches TALKS for Customers with Visual Impairments

The new offering uses TTS to read messages, assist with menu navigation, and much more.

David Rennyson Named New President and COO of Angel.com

His ascension follows the resignation of former president Michael Zirngibl.

SVOX to Break Ground on New Digs in Ulm

In an effort to get close to its partners, SVOX opens a new office in Germany.

TuVox Offers New Deal for Speech Application Ownership

An accelerated ROI program aims to help companies invest in speech during tough economic times.

knfb Reading Technology Announces the kReader PC Software Solution for Struggling Readers

kReader PC Premieres at 24th Annual International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities in California.

Vocollect Introduces Natural-Sounding Voice Options for Most Widely Used Languages

The company's voice stable now features 43 different options in 26 languages.

Ifbyphone Launches First BlackBerry Application

Conference-calling and voice-broadcast functions are coupled in a free download.


Politically Speaking...and Reacting

I'm still haunted by the robocall months after the election.