Speech Technology eWeekly - April 22, 2009


But Is It Natural?

Make it clear for callers to know what to say when given an open-ended prompt.

Speech Technology News

Voicemail Moves to Gmail with CommonVoices App

New visual voicemail service available for Android G1 smartphone users.

Ifbyphone SIPs from the Font of Lower Prices

The company promises carriers more for less with a new sales model.

Wall Street Clears a Place at the Table for Rosetta Stone

The language learning firm goes public with a new listing on the NYSE.

AppTek Grows Its Sphere of Influence

The company integrates hybrid machine translation, speech recognition, name entity identification, and multilingual information retrieval into its media monitoring solution.

Vangard Hits the Floors with New Shaw Industries Partnership

The enterprise voice solutions provider announces that it will be providing its MVP solution to Shaw Industries.

GVdialer Application for Google Voice Released

GVdialer is the first mobile application for Google Voice supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and more.

NEC Offers Zero Percent Financing on Select Enterprise Communications Systems

The company announces limited time, zero percent lease options on UNIVERGE SV8000 series and UX5000 systems.

Forward Thinking

Avoid the "Old-Folks' Home" with a Speech-Enabled House

Technology exists to help the elderly live on their own.