Speech Technology eWeekly - June 10, 2009


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What college students are learning today, and what employers need to look for.

Speech Technology News

Swine Flu Outbreak Increases Schools’ Use of Speech

Schools across the country turned to voice broadcasting to reassure parents and address concerns.

Yap Releases iPhone SDK

The release addresses consumer demand for voice interfaces on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Envision Seeks Greater Reach For Speech Analytics

With the release of InteractionIQ, Envision banks on a new pricing scheme.

Nexidia Adds Partners To Its Center of Excellence Program

U.S. Cellular, Ventura, and Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania are the latest additions to the program.

Evolv On-Demand Selects Voxeo To Transform Call Center

Evolv joins tens of thousands of Voxeo customers realizing cost savings with flexible, automated voice applications.

Adaptive Digital Technologies Provides Intuitive Surgical with Voice Quality Enhancement Software

SpinVox Makes Its API Available in New Languages

Spanish, German, and French bring more developers to the table.

Loquendo Releases New Danish Voice

Magnus joins a huge family of languages and voices.

The Business Case

The Recession's Impact on Contact Center Investments

Not all technologies will take a huge financial hit.