SpinVox Makes Its API Available in New Languages

SpinVox today released new language versions of its open application programming interface (API). SpinVox API in Spanish, German, and French are being launched in response to an increasing demand from technology developers.

SpinVox API leverages SpinVox VMCS, which already has 30 million users and is growing fast, to enable Speech 3.0 applications to be built and launched quickly. It also enables SpinVox to collaborate with third parties to foster innovations in voice and expand the Speech 3.0 market, removing the need for expensive, specialist speech knowledge and high-end hardware. It also complements existing SpinVox platform development services for enterprise application partners and carrier networks.

“The SpinVox API is the first open platform for the co-creation of a new category of services. With interest from over 20 different countries, it has already confirmed SpinVox as the de facto standard for a new generation of speech products, developing new revenue streams for both SpinVox and its partners,” says SpinVox co-founder and CEO Christina Domecq. “The interest from outside English-speaking countries has been remarkable and that’s why we’ve brought forward our plans to launch additional language versions of the API.”

SpinVox API in English was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, and developers were invited to preregister their interest in SpinVox API in advance of its launch via a Web registration page. Since then, nearly 500 developers have become SpinVox API program members and, of these, 40 have now been selected by SpinVox to be part of the co-creation program and have now been tested on a live server. These include business efficiency, personal productivity and social networking handset applications; survey software; business utility tools, and voicemail solutions especially in the unified communications space.

SpinVox API is provided through either a SMTP or HTTPS interface. Support is available directly and online through the SpinVox Developer Web site, including a forum to share ideas and views. Partners are required to provide Level 1 and 2 technical support for end users.

Charges for SpinVox API are based either on a metered event fee, with lower pricing for higher volumes, or on a per-event basis. The program has no entry fee.

“We’ve been impressed by both the quality and quantity of the response to SpinVox API,” Domecq says. “We are clearly seeing demand for voice conversion services from technology developers who recognise that a speech interface enables the most natural form of communication, who want to build Speech 3.0 applications and are looking for best-in-class open products. Now we are extending the opportunity to enterprises and developers who want to deploy applications in languages other than English.”

“SpinVox has created a new category - carrier-grade voice conversion, which is live on five continents - and now is helping talent take advantage of the next growth opportunity in speech. Speech 3.0 applications and services will be one of a cluster of innovations that will drive the next generation of applications as people are now re-discovering the power of their voice,” she adds.

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