Speech Technology eWeekly - May 12, 2010


When in Rome...

To successfully launch a speech system in Italy—or any other part of Europe—translations should be done at the local level.

Talking Tech

TTS Finds Global Media

With new markets come new uses for the technology.

Speech Technology News

Smartphones: The New Frontier for Voice Biometrics

Conference speakers tout the technology's potential for making mobile transactions more secure.

SpeechCycle Launches Rich Phone Application Platform

Contact center solution enables multichannel customer interactions with consistent end-to-end user experience.

Nuance Introduces Speak & See Suite With Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The solution makes reading, writing, language learning, and interaction with the PC easier.

Ness Technologies Wins IVR Contract with Bank Discount

Israeli bank selects an IVR system based on the Genesys Voice Platform.

Aurix and CallCopy Partner to Enhance Speech Recognition Offering

Partnership brings CallCopy customers a built-in phonetic speech search capability.

Nuance Advanced Speech Capabilities Debut on New T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide

New Genius Button enables one-touch voice control of favorite apps, Dragon Dictation for messaging, and text-to-speech for hands-free message readback.

Philips Releases SpeechExec Pro

New dictation management platform is designed to boost efficiency and productivity in documentation-intensive businesses.

Convergys Lights Up the Smart Grid with Smart Solutions

New billing and customer care solutions are available for the energy and utility markets.