Speech Technology eWeekly - August 18, 2010


Market Leaders: Mobile Voice Search

Voice Value

Speech, Not Silence, Is Golden

Personal eyewear is a product destined to move fast.

Speech Technology News

ANSI Publishes Voice Biometric Data Standard

The standard lays out the type and format of information that should accompany recordings.

World's First Nationwide Voice Identification System Deployed in Mexico

The system will help Mexican law enforcement agencies collect, manage, and search the database of hundreds of thousands of voiceprints.

Voxeo Acquires Cloud Communications Startup Teleku

The deal expands Voxeo's voice and text messaging application development environment.

Speech Labs Become Astute

Acquisition leads Astute to leverage new search capabilities with its existing system.

Chrysalis Software Launches Outbound Notification Service for Contact Centers

The solution can deliver a comprehensive multimedia service via phone, text message, email and Twitter.

Philips Announces Release of SpeechExec Enterprise 3.1

Latest version of dictation management software improves productivity by integrating with Windows 7 and speech recording devices.

AV3 ‘get’ For Apple Final Cut Pro Now Available for Download

Dialogue search tool enjoys positive accolades.