Speech Technology eWeekly - October 27, 2010


Keynoter: Natural Language Processing Has Huge Potential

A university professor calls NLP the wave of the future in speech.

Talking Tech

Demystifying PaaS: The Value Proposition

Taking advantage of scalability and support puts the focus on customer experiences.

Speech Technology News

Digium Releases New Version of Asterisk

Version 1.8 of the widely used open-source telephony platform incorporates more than 200 new features.

Sensory Releases Truly Handsfree Trigger SDK for iPhone and Android OS

Total hands-free control is now possible for new, popular voice search applications.

Aastra and Benbria Collaborate to Deliver Intelligent Notification Solution

BlazeCast is a multimodal notification system that enables faster delivery of vital information and response to critical issues.

Iperia Announces Visual Messaging for BroadWorks

Integrated solution simplifies access to voice messages through mobile devices for BroadWorks customers.

Philips’ SpeechMike Dictation Microphone Recognized for High-Quality Performance

Newest audio recording device given highest rating for superior integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

Professional Automation Services Hires Pronexus VBVoice

Pronexus' IVR toolkit will help PAS develop upgrades to its employee payroll application.