Speech Technology eWeekly - December 14, 2011

Case Studies

Call Recording Resolves Disputes at Medical Practice

Oaisys Talkument and Tracer help North Scottsdale Family Medicine avert malpractice suits.

Speech Technology News

Appleā€™s New Patent Points To 3D Display, Voice Tech Systems

A new patent application covers the use of speech for providing user feedback.

A New Voice Biometric Vendor Emerges

Australia's Auraya launches the ArmorVox voice security application suite.

Amazon Not Yapping About Yap

World's largest e-tailer has kept acquisition of speech recognition service company under wraps since September.

CereProc Receives Patent for Emotional Speech Synthesis System

Custom voices are full of character.

Google Voice Search Unveiled in the Middle East

Google Adds Arabic and Hebrew to the list of languages supported.

Strategic Products and Services, Imagine Technologies Finalize Merger

The combined companies will offer a host of communications and contact center products.

Inside Outsourcing

Are There 31 Outsourcing Flavors?

IVR system decision makers weigh factors across customer entry points.