A New Voice Biometric Vendor Emerges

Australian voice security systems specialist Auraya Systems last week unveiled its new ArmorVox Speaker Identity System, an advanced voice biometrics development toolkit for interactive voice response and other voice-activated security applications.

The new ArmorVox suite of applications is built around Auraya’s core proprietary voice biometrics engine, which is in version 6.2.2. It supports text-dependent voice authentication over a Web interface.

Unique features of the ArmorVox application suite include Imposter Maps, a method of bombarding the system with imposter utterances to harden it against fraudsters. A Speaker Adaptive Thresholds feature lets users tune the system to treat voiceprints individually based on their susceptibility to imposters. VoiceQA combats the creation of faulty voiceprints during enrollments and faulty sample matching during authentication. Other features include Identity Authentication, Impostor Map Tuning, and Impostor Rejection Technology.

Auraya and Auraya's technology partners deliver the ArmorVox Speaker Identity system and services for telephone, Web, or wireless services anywhere in the world and in any language.

According to Clive Summerfield, Auraya's CEO, the company's next ArmorVox release, scheduled for early next year, will offer enhanced flexibility and functionality. Based on release 7 of Auraya’s proprietary core voice biometric technology, this upgrade will offer text-independent voice biometric authentication for unstructured conversational speech. Release 7 will also incorporate support for 64-bit machines and external databases, including MySQL and SQL Server.

Furthermore, ArmorVox Transition Tools will help partners and customers transition their existing voice biometric applications from their existing technology vendors to ArmorVox without the need to re-enroll speakers, Summerfield points out.

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