Speech Technology eWeekly - September 04, 2013


The 2013 Speech Luminaries

Speech Technology News

VoxSciences Launches Voicemail-to-Text Service in US

The company has provided the service for years in the United Kingdom.

NeoSpeech Releases Revamped VoiceText

Text-to-speech solution integrates voices into multimedia apps.

Sensory Announces a TrulyHandsfree User Experience between Bluetooth Accessories and Connected Devices

No touch experience connects to mobile phones, PC's, and tablets.

GoGekko Partners with Voice-Choice to Enhance 3D Voice Messenger App

iGab to include a voice2choice voice conversion software option into the iGab Messenger app.

The View from AVIOS

The Role of Speech Analytics in VUI

Uncovering customer needs adds value to interactions.