VoxSciences Launches Voicemail-to-Text Service in US

Prompted by the announcement that AT&T will discontinue its voicemail-to-text service and building on the success of its U.K. business, VoxSciences today launched its voicemail-to-text service in the United States.

VoxSciences Voicemail-to-Text lets users read voicemail directly on their cell phones or computers, scan and prioritize them, and decide whether to respond by text, email, or call back later. Voicemails is held as text in email so users cab search for keywords just as they do for other emails.

Once a message is left, it is transcribed into text, and the transcription is sent as a SMS and an email to the user's registered email address with an mp3 audio file attachment. This means the voicemail can be read or played.

"Have you ever been really frustrated with your normal voicemail offering but never realized there was an alternative? Well, VoxSciences now allows U.S. users a way to get more from their voicemail; it has all the features you would expect from a voicemail service plus voice-to-text transcription" said Ken Blackman, co-founder and CEO of VoxSciences, in a statement. "Its great to be launching this popular service in the U.S.  Here at VoxSciences we have a great pedigree of providing voice-to-text services to businesses, and we are now pleased to have launched our services directly to end-users in the U.S."

It takes just two minutes to register for VoxSciences Voicemail-to-Text, and it works with a user's existing cell phone number and operator, meaning there is no requirement to change numbers or handsets.

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