Speech Technology eWeekly - July 09, 2014

Speech Technology News

Fonetic Launches Linguistics Voice Platform

Fonetic Linguistics Voice Platform introduces new compliance, IVR, and big data analytics technology.

ADT Launches Voice Control for Smart Homes

ADT Voice Pulse lets users control their home automation systems with voice recognition.

ReadSpeaker Adds Document-Reading and Viewing Solution to Moodle

E-learning software provider adds ReadSpeaker's docReader service to its Moodle platform.

Cram.com Adds TTS to Its Flashcard App

New TTS on Cram.com provides audio support in 18 languages for flashcards.

Telinta Turns to Mutare for Voicemail-to-Text Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Telinta will incorporate Mutare's voicemail-to-text service into its TeliCore platform.

SageLINQ Launches to Read the Internet

New SageLINQ app converts content into audio files and streams it to listeners' mobile devices.