SageLINQ Launches to Read the Internet

The SageLINQ app, which converts live Internet content into audible speech and streams to listeners, officially launched today.

SageLINQ uses speech conversion algorithms to deliver content. It's on-the-fly delivery and adaptive learning features allow SageLINQ to deliver a truly personalized experience with minimal listener intervention.

SageLINQ's new app is the first release of the company's Automated Vocalization of The Internet (AVTI) project, able to autonomously gather data from a wide range of internet sources, transform it for speech output, and stream it live to listeners' devices. A key goal of the project is to unlock the true power of mobile computing, including the proliferation of wearable devices.

SageLINQ provides enhanced access to internet content for the visually impaired, those who find it difficult to read content from small portable devices, and any situation where it is not convenient, healthy, or safe to stare at a device for extended periods of time.

Public and private content from a variety of sources is transformed by SageLINQ's CATTS context aware text-to-speech process and organized into listener tunable categories. Whether directly from mobile devices or remotely through BlueTooth controls, listeners can select specific categories, flip through content in preview mode, dig deep into content of interest, skip backward, jump ahead, pause, and replay content. SageLINQ also streams and displays photos related to the content when available.

A large selection of multi-source public news content already includes categories such as Top Stories, Technology, Business, Science, Sports, Environment, Health, and more. Users can dial in just how much or how little content is desired in each of the categories. Further personalization is available through SageLINQ's thumbs up/down listener feedback input feature. SageLINQ analyzes the content of each story and either delivers more or less of that type of content based on listener feedback.

SageLINQ's On-Demand feature allows immediate access to specific personalized content types, such as local weather, local traffic maps and events, a check on financial markets, and how specific stocks are faring, all delivered in audio format. Listeners can also stay in touch with friends and family through SageLINQ's On-Demand access to FaceBook and Twitter notification feeds delivered in audio format. Additional On-Demand content is in the works, as well as keyword voice command control. These features will enable On-Demand access to very specific content.

SageLINQ is available now and is free to download, currently in English only. Additional sources are continuously being added, including planned enhanced support for social media. Development support and guidelines are available to companies, schools and organization who want their voice to be heard. SageLINQ can support streaming from virtually any Internet source, newsletters, instructional information, schedules, advertisements, to the public or just to select listeners.

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