Speech Technology eWeekly - April 22, 2015

Speech Technology News

Nuance PowerMic and Samsung Smartwatch App Connects Physicians to Speech Recognition

By using smartphones as microphones, and watches as dictation devices, healthcare is more connected than ever.

OKI Develops Area Sound System That Filters Ambient Noise

Technology can be used in preprocessing for improved speech recognition rates.

Disney Creates Method Enabling Dialogue Replacement for Automated Video Redubbing

Method finds plausible word sequences matching actors' facial motions.

Winscribe Releases Quick Speech Recognition to Enhance EMR Usability

Stand-alone front-end medical speech recognition solution enhances clinical workflow and improves clinicians' productivity.

Cord Project's Chhirp Is an App to Tweet Your Voice

Cord Project launches Chhirp to bring short audio clips to Twitter and the Web.

Infobip Adds Voice to Its Services Cloud

Infobip now empowers businesses and developers to add voice capabilities using flexible APIs.

Digital Alert Systems Offers Translation for Emergency Alerts

DASDEC OmniLingual Alert Module simplifies the delivery of emergency alert text and voice messages in multiple languages.