Winscribe Releases Quick Speech Recognition to Enhance EMR Usability

Winscribe has released Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR), a front-end speech recognition solution, to their portfolio of speech productivity and medical documentation management software solutions for healthcare professionals.

Winscribe QSR makes EMR data entry faster and easier, and it enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to quickly create documentation, craft emails, enter data into Health Information Systems (HIS), and communicate with coworkers and patients more efficiently.

With the ever-increasing implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems into hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), clinics, private practices, and insurance providers, these systems continue to garner attention and speculation regarding their usability, the negative effects on physician productivity, and the loss of time available for patients. Speech recognition, on the other hand, has gained recent attention as a proven method for improving EMR usability, reducing documentation costs, and boosting the productivity levels of physicians and other medical staff.

Winscribe QSR offers real-time, front-end speech recognition technology that has a low edit rate, enabling clinicians to quickly perform data entry and generate other documentation with confidence. Winscribe QSR has an intuitive interface and is easy-to-use. With just a few minutes of training, Winscribe QSR clients can take advantage of immediate productivity gains. Physicians simply dictate, review, and insert the recognized text, and then they are ready to move to the next field or task.

Winscribe QSR supports general and medical-specific vocabularies, which further enhance the accuracy of recognized text. Winscribe QSR’s snippet functionality also makes it simple to create macros and templates that providers can initiate with a unique voice command to insert commonly used phrases, such as discharge instructions, risk and benefit statements, and normal findings.

Winscribe QSR’s management console further helps it stand out against competitive offerings. The system has a centralized and intelligent management console that can learn’ and manage new words, phrases and user profiles, based on pre-existing group knowledge. From an administration point of view, is much lighter on IT resources, making management a breeze.

Winscribe QSR basically serves as a keyboard replacement that is adaptable and works with existing applications and any information systems that allow typed text entry, including Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers, and Health Information Systems—to  name a few. In addition, Winscribe QSR works with virtually any EMR.

By incorporating Winscribe QSR, healthcare organizations can: 

  • Reduce time and costs associated with medical transcription.
  • Improve physicians’ clinical documentation productivity.
  • Generate more accurate and thorough narratives, clinical notes, and other documentation.
  • Improve patient care through more complete documentation and faster result turnaround.

“Winscribe QSR provides physicians and other medical staff the opportunity to reduce time spent on data entry, while increasing the quality of documentation and freeing physician time to focus on their patients,” said Pierre Corboz, director of product strategy, Winscribe, in a statement. “Advanced voice recognition and speech understanding solutions like Winscribe QSR allow documentation and reporting processes to become fully speech-enabled, which not only elevates the level of report quality, but also eliminates unnecessary transcription steps. With turnaround time being a major concern for every healthcare organization, intelligent tools like Winscribe QSR can have a huge impact on productivity and service delivery.”

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