Speech Technology eWeekly - August 12, 2015

Speech Technology News

Sensory Adds Deep Learning to TrulyHandsfree Platform

New speech extraction techniques in TrulyHandsfree 4.0 allow spoken commands to cut through real-world noise.

Shell Uses Artificial Solutions' Virtual Assistants

Artificial Solutions' Teneo platform helps meet the demand for fast self-service customer support.

VoiceBox Technologies Partners with Rivet Radio to Bring Voice Commands to News Platform

The strategic alliance yields voice control for on-the-go curated and personalized news service.

Nexidia Partners with Cicero

New solutions support Interaction Analytics and PCI compliance.

VoxWeb Releases iOS and Android Versions of Talking Pictures App

With VoxWeb speaking orange line pics, users can add up to 11 seconds of audio to photos.

Telstra and Genesys Partner

The partnership has resulted in Telstra Cloud Contact Centre-Genesys.

Nuance Opens Car Technology Lab in Detroit

Nuance's lab will serve as the proving grounds for voice and content systems optimized for the connected car.

AppTek Adds Speech Rec to Vorsight ExecVision

AppTek's ontinuous automatic speech recognition will transcribe sales and customer support calls.

NICE to Provide NYC with Call Recording

NICE will outfit a new New York 9-1-1 facility with call recording and incident management.