VoiceBox Technologies Partners with Rivet Radio to Bring Voice Commands to News Platform

VoiceBox Technologies is collaborating with smart audio platform Rivet Radio to add voice-enabled virtual assistant capabilities to Rivet Radio's personalized news for mobile, wearables, and the connected car.

"We're excited to demonstrate the freedom and convenience voice-enabled, on-demand news brings to those on the move, especially in the car," said Rivet Radio CEO John MacLeod in a statement. "Our driving time is where we catch up on news that matters to us. Giving drivers the ability to search and access personalized news like real-time traffic and weather through a hands-free/eyes-free, casual conversational style is essential to a safe journey."

"Not surprisingly, our research shows that people prefer listening to professionally produced audio content versus computer-generated speech. This makes sense in a world of overwhelming digital content, particularly when you're not, or shouldn't be, focused on a display, such as in a car or when multitasking at home. We're delighted to be working with Rivet Radio to make access to content on the go easier," said VoiceBox Technologies CEO Mike Kennewick in a statement. "The potential for collaboration is huge, and moving forward with Rivet Radio represents a unique opportunity to combine VoiceBox's voice virtual assistant capabilities with one of the leading innovators of on-demand news."

VoiceBox Technologies' Contextual Natural Language Understanding (CNLU) platform is based on advanced patented technology that can determine context from conversational speech and then complete the action requested based on the user's intent. Users are not required to memorize exact preset commands and can instead simply ask conversationally for what they want, even in noisy environments such as an automobile or coffee shop.

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