Speech Technology eWeekly - December 23, 2015

Speech Technology News

BBC Pilots Automatic Translation Tool

Technology automatically converts news scripts to other languages and speaks them aloud with text-to-speech synthesis.

Nuance Launches Dragon Legal Group

Dragon Legal Group is a new version of Nuance's Dragon speech recognition software created specifically for lawyers.

Nice Updates the NICE Engage Platform

NICE Engage brings more multichannel capabilities and management tools to contact centers.

NICE Integrates VoIP Recording with AudioCodes SBCs

The NICE and AudioCodes partnership promotes SIPREC as a standard protocol and ensures reliable, flexible and scalable recording of VoIP calls.

SoundHound Launches the Houndify Platform

Houndify is a natural language voice platform that enables developers to build intelligent, conversational interfaces to connected devices, apps, and the Internet of Things.

BigHand Is Compatible with Windows 10 and Office 16

BigHand ensures compatibility with the latest Microsoft Office and Windows releases.