Speech Technology eWeekly - January 13, 2016

Speech Technology News

NICE Acquires Nexidia

The union between the two companies seeks to provide a superior analytics solution.

TELUS Studios Turns to Nexidia Dialogue Search

TELUS' internal production studios deploy Nexidia Dialogu Search in its global video production operations.

LumenVox Releases Version 14.1.100

Highlights of the release include a new interface and WebAPI and more language support.

OnMobile Sells Telisma to Voicebox

Speech no longer fits with OnMobile's business strategy, executives said.

Conexant Releases New Voice Control Processors

The CX20924 and CX20926 systems both feature far-field pick-up and low-power consumption for voice-enabled devices.

Nuance Introduces Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant

Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant enables personalized, intelligent, and proactive driving experiences.

Vivint Integrates with Amazon Echo for Voice Control of Smart Homes

Vivint customers can use their voices to control door locks, thermostat, lights, cameras, garage doors, and more

SoundHound Partners with NVIDIA to Bring Natural Language Understanding to Cars

NVIDIA Drive and SoundHound's Houndify platform will enable large vocabulary speech recognition without a cloud connection.

Nuance Provides Voice Interface for Samsung Refrigerators

Nuance's technology lets consumers speak to Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator to access recipes, create shopping lists, and more