Speech Technology eWeekly - May 25, 2016

Speech Technology News

NICE Expands Partnership Program

The open-NICE Development Partner Program focuses on delivering greater innovation and richer set of capabilities to new and existing customers.

Nuance Brings Nina to Mobile Messaging

Nina for Messaging adds a conversational customer service interface to SMS, enterprise mobile apps, and messaging platforms.

Blueworx Certified for LumenVox Partner Platform Compatibility and Skills

LumenVox has certified the Blueworx Platform for functional compatibility with the LumenVox speech automation suite.

VoiceIt Partners with VoicePass

The marketing and technology partnership brings together two voice biometrics providers.

Roger Launches Voice Platform

Roger launches voice platform With Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Slack, and voicemail integrations.

MindMeld for TV Debuts

MindMeld's AI platform for TV lets users control systems with voice interfaces.

Speechmatics Partners with QCRI for Arabic Speech-to-Text Transcription

Speechmatics is working with the Qatar Computing Research Institute to transcribe Arabic broadcasts and audio files into text.

SoundHound Adds Houndify Speech-to-Meaning into Its Music App

SoundHound now enables users to conduct natural language searches and add songs to playlists with voice inputs.