Speech Technology eWeekly - May 03, 2017

Speech Technology News

Sensory Embeds Smarter AI into TrulyHandsFree 5.0

Sensory has boosted the performance and accuracy of its embedded wake word and speech recognition with shallow learning.

Rand McNally Introduces OverDryve 8 Pro Truck Voice App

OverDryve 8 Pro brings together navigation, SiriusXM radio, voice assistance, and more.

Lexus Partners with Xevo and Voicebox

The partnership will expand voice capabilities and connectivity in select Lexus vehicles.

Mark III Systems Launches Cognitive Call Center with Watson Speech APIs

Mark III's Cognitive Call Center help agents identify, filter, analyze, and act on inbound and outbound calls. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Transamerica Launches Voice Biometrics and NLU Solutions

New Voice Pass technology enables Transamerica customers to use their voices for authentication.

Xavient Launches Amplify Speech Analytics Platfrom

Amplify is a near real-time speech-to-text analytics platform that uses machine learning to react to data it analyzes.

Marchex Launches Speech Analytics

Marchex Speech Analytics fuels analysis of inbound phone calls.