Xavient Launches Amplify Speech Analytics Platfrom

Xavient Information Systems, a provider of digital solutions and IT services, has launched Amplify, an artificial intelligence-powered analytics platform that converts customer interactions aggregated from various channels, including speech, into intelligent patterns, detects issues, and drives recommended actions.

"Amplify with its AI-powered deep learning analytics engine, enables enterprises to significantly improve customer empathy with a reliable probability model that exceeds the ability of any single customer service representative," said Saif Ahmad, president of Xavient Information Solutions, in a statement. "Because we use machine learning-based algorithms, it continuously learns from call centers and other customer interaction channels. It uses this experience to improve the outcomes exponentially and prompts customer service reps to take the next-best action."

Amplify can also deliver total visibility of customer sentiments in near real time by analyzing all of the calls that companies receive.

Because Amplify is architected on open-source technologies, it can be implemented into existing enterprise IT architectures. It will also be available as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services.

Amplify is based on large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) technology. It can interpret a diverse vocabulary and aggregate countless threads of customer interactions via chat, tweet, email, voicemail, voice transcripts, payment habits or logs and social feeds into a single data stream that companies can mine for information to better serve customers.

"The top priority for all enterprises in the digital economy is to innovate and enhance the customer experience architecture, and Xavient Labs' innovation with Amplify underlines our alignment with that goal. Our customers are delighted at the prospect of improved customer interactions and predictable behavioral modeling which Amplify can bring to bear for them at a significantly lower cost of ownership," said Rajeev Tandon, CEO of Xavient Information Systems, in a statement.

Amplify will be offered as a cloud-based, on-premises, batch, or real-time service in the following three levels:

  • Bronze Level service will include voice-to-text transcription in batch mode.
  • Silver Level service will include the Bronze Level service in near real time and sentiment analysis.
  • Gold Level service will include Silver Level service, plus integration to drive next-best action, care prioritization, and omnichannel initiatives.

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