Speech Technology eWeekly - June 28, 2017

Speech Technology News

CallMiner Launches Eureka Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect

CallMiner Eureka Speech Analytics now captures and analyzes calls from Amazon Connect.

Raytheon to Deploy Speech-Based Translation Tools to the U.S. Army

The deployment will involve battlefield speech-to-speech and text-to-text translation for soldiers.

ReadSpeaker Adds Italian TTS Voice

ReadSpeaker adds Gina to its text-to-speech voices portfolio.

Talk Technologies Launches Steno SR Microphone

The Stenomask lineup of speech recognition microphones got better with new noise cancelling and privacy features.

In-Car Speech Systems Still Need to Improve

The voice recognition connected to most in-car infotainment systems is still poor, according to Strategy Analytics.

Beyond Verbal Adds Emotions to Virtual Assistants

Beyond Verbal has launched an API for virtual private assistants to help identify user emotions in real time.