Beyond Verbal Adds Emotions to Virtual Assistants

Beyond Verbal, a provider of voice-driven emotions analytics, is launching a cloud-based API engine that will enable virtual private assistants (VPAs) to reveal customized recommendations based on individual moods and emotional states.

Beyond Verbal enables these assistants to understand the emotional message, context, and intent carried by users' vocal intonations, which represent 35 percent to 40 percent of the emotions people convey in their communication. By integrating with Beyond Verbal's API technology, virtual private assistants will now be able to understand and react to their users' emotions all by the tone in their voices. With Beyond Verbal, AI assistants can also change their behavior, personality, and even their tone of voice  to fit themselves to the context of the conversation and person with whom they are communicating.

Beyond Verbal’s Emotional Analytics technology takes raw voice input and analyzes it for mood and attitude. The technology only requires 10 seconds of continuous voice input to render an emotional analysis. The operating system then measures the speaker’s tone of voice and the results are distributed into groups and analyzed in real-time.

"Today's digital world is rapidly transforming the way we interact with our technology and each other. Virtual private assistants have begun to take on a personalized experience," said Yuval Mor, CEO of Beyond Verbal, in a statement. "We are very excited for this next step in fusing together the breakthrough technology of AI and Beyond Verbal's Emotions Analytics, providing unique insight into personalized tech and remote monitoring. In the not so far future our aim is to add vocal biomarker analysis to our feature set, enabling virtual private assistants to analyze your voice for specific health conditions."

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