Speech Technology eWeekly - April 04, 2018


How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Keeping up with the changing whims of search engines has always been a sisyphean task, but now a new obstacle has been tossed into the always evolving SEO mix: voice search. There is some good news, however, for brands and marketing agencies look to optimize content for voice search. Much of what they need to do to optimize content for voice search is simply to hone in on many of the same rules they have used to achieve SEO success in the past.

Voice Biometrics: Building Its Business Base as New Uses Emerge

Biometric solutions built on voice recognition technologies are projected to create an incremental opportunity of $4.5 billion between 2017 and 2025. 

Case Studies

Garanti Bank Guarantees Customer Loyalty With NICE

The vendor's Interaction Analytics helped the Turkish bank cut collection complaints by nearly 15 percent.

Q & A

Q&A: Recent Deep Neural Net (DNN) Advances in Speech

For over 30 years, David Thomson has developed and managed software and algorithm creation for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech compression, and voice biometrics and managed speech R&D for voice interface systems than have handled over 20 billion calls. He is presenting the SpeechTEK Univeristy course, "Recent Deep Neural Net (DNN) Advances in Speech," at SpeechTEK 2018. He recently joined CaptionCall, a company that builds services for the deaf and hard of hearing. Conference program chair James A. Larson interviewed Thomson in advance of this year's event.

Speech Technology News

Sensory Brings Low-Power Wake Words to Mobile Apps

Sensory announced it has made a breakthrough in running its TrulyHandsfree wake word and speech recognition AI engine directly on Android and iOS smartphone applications at low-power.

FAQ Chatbot Platform Launches, Features Bluetooth Beacon Integration

The Beacon Broadcasting Network (BBN) announced the launch of a new customer service chatbot solution, Ask Our Bot.

NVIDIA’s Venture Capital Arm Announced an Investment in Deepgram

NVIDIA announced "that speech analytics startup Deepgram is the newest member of the GPU Ventures portfolio."

Qatar's Commercial Bank Introduces Voice Recognition in its Redesigned Mobile App

Commercial Bank says it has redesigned its Mobile Banking App with significant improvement to the user interface, making banking easier and more convenient for customers.

Sheer Volume of Messaging App Users Provides Unlimited Potential for Chatbots, Finds Strategy Analytics

A recent study from the User Experience Strategies (UXS) service at Strategy Analytics, Conversational UIs: Discovering Serendipity has found that despite being more engaging and efficient than traditional methods of communication, discoverability, usability, and security are critical for widespread chatbot adoption.