Garanti Bank Guarantees Customer Loyalty With NICE

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Garanti Bank, Turkey’s second largest private bank, holds consolidated assets of more than $110 billion and more than 14.5 million business and personal accounts throughout Europe and Asia. Available services include retail, private, and investment banking, payment systems, pensions, life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage, and asset management. Garanti also has an extensive network of about 1,000 branch offices and 4,000 ATMs and state-of-the-art internet, mobile, and social banking platforms.

Keeping track of all those transactions is no easy task, but Garanti Bank is using NICE’s Interaction Analytics solution to boost efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure greater regulatory adherence in its 250-seat collections call center.

Since implementing NICE Interaction Analytics in mid-2017, Garanti Bank has been able to quickly and accurately detect complaints and risk of churn among its late-paying customers. With this data, supervisors can guide agents to take timely preventive or corrective action before customer issues develop.

The NICE solution, which includes real-time speech analytics, can analyze 100 percent of the structured and unstructured voice and text interactions that take place to discover the root causes of customer dissatisfaction, identify trending topics and key phrases in customer communications, highlight customers who require immediate attention, gauge the emotional state of customers through tell-tale variations in pitch or tone, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate policies by making sure agents adhere to interaction scripts.

Within just two months of the initial deployment, Garanti was able to decrease the number of customer complaints received by 15 percent. That has reportedly reduced customer churn and prevented the loss of thousands of dollars. Other benefits have included better agent performance and efficiency and higher quality-evaluation scores.

NICE’s analytics capabilities have also made it easier to evaluate agents, with 20 percent more calls being assessed and automated reports delivered to the relevant stakeholders. The advanced dashboard and in-depth analytics provide quality assurance teams with detailed information on established key performance indicators such as average handle times, on-hold times, call transfers, silence ratios per call, misinformed calls, and non-authenticated calls. Both ad-hoc studies and ongoing reporting lead to improved service, collections, and recovery, as well as increased operational optimization for greater overall business value.

Based on the results it has seen in its collections department, Garanti Bank plans to start rolling out NICE Interaction Analytics to its other contact centers soon.

“We are just at the beginning of the road with the NICE Analytics solution, and we have already seen impressive results,” said Teoman Alponat, senior vice president of retail collection at Garanti Bank, in a statement. “Not only have we decreased customer complaints, but the quality assurance and contact center teams are also saving valuable time. Our quality management procedures have been revolutionized, with the conserved resources invested back into customer service through high-value agent improvement.”

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  • a 15 percent decrease in the number of customer complaints received;
  • a 20 percent increase in the number of customer calls evaluated;
  • reduced customer churn that has prevented the loss of thousands of dollars; and
  • increases in agent performance, efficiency, and quality evaluation scores.

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