Speech Technology eWeekly - April 25, 2018


3 Unexpected Uses of AI and Speech Technologies

It's almost a given, now, that you have a digital assistant in your pocket, but there are many people out there finding new, innovative uses for the technologies that undergird the foundation of speech technology. Here are a few of the uses of speech technology that caught our interest recently.

Digital Assistants Are Heading To Work With You – Are You Ready?

It's infiltrated homes in the form of smart speakers. Now, voice technology is poised to make a big splash in the workplace, as more companies adopt enterprise solutions like Alexa for Business and other speech-enabled tools and conversational interfaces designed to enhance productivity, manage common tasks, and improve communication.

Speech Technology News

MIT Creates Machine-Learning System that Listens Like a Human

Leave it to MIT to design a computer that can listen like a human. That means the machine can replicate auditory tasks such as identifying a musical genre.

Third-Party Alexa Devices Will Soon Be Able to Make Calls

You can make calls using Alexa, but only if you have an Amazon device…at least for now. According to reports, Priya Abani, director of Alexa Voice Service at Amazon, says third-party devices will soon be able to make calls using Alexa.

Adobe Acquires Sayspring, Says its Betting on Voice

Adobe announced on its blog that it is betting on voice, and has acquired Sayspring.

Voicera Acquires Mobile App Wrappup

Voicera Unveils New App to Deliver Eva for In-Person Conversations, Adds Predictive Highlights

Liopa Secures Seed Round

LipRead uses the camera on a smartphone or tablet to analyze lip movement and decipher words and phrases.

Vonage Announces Vee, a Virtual Assistant Chatbot

Chatbot Enables Streamlined Management of Unified Communications Capabilities with Natural Language.