Speech Technology eWeekly - October 03, 2018


Microsoft Set to Bring Alexa into the Business World

Two Seattle-area tech giants, Microsoft and Amazon, are joining forces to integrate their digital personal assistants.

Case Studies

Allianz: Speech Analytics Identify Call Center Employees for Accent Neutralization Training

One of the biggest challenges of call-centers is making sure customers have a good user experience—and more of than not, that comes down to the interaction they have with your agents. If there is a language barrier—or even if the agent has a heavy accent that your majority of callers have trouble understanding—that can cause user satisfaction problems. Allianz wanted to find a way to solve that problem.

Speech Technology News

Build Chatbots and Automation with Artificial Intelligence with Smoothflow.io

Duo World, Inc. announced the Beta release of Smoothflow, its new cloud-based solution to manage organizational workflows with Chatbots and other conversational applications using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Voysis Announces Embedded WaveNet for Mobile Devices and IoT

ViEW, Voysis Embedded WaveNet removes the need for the data center entirely.

Amazon Alexa Fund Invests in Prefab Home Builder

Alexa Fund added as new investor, marking Amazon's first investment in a home prefabrication/construction company.

Industry Voices

Best Practices for Active Listening in ASR (Video)

SpeakEasy AI CEO Frank Schneider offers essential tips on using AI and active listening to enhance automatic speech recognition in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.