Speech Technology eWeekly - October 17, 2018

Q & A

Q&A: Alexa, Security, and You

Speech Technology Magazine interviewed Greg Sparrow, senior vice president and general manager at CompliancePoint, about some of the security issues that surround these devices, and how people can protect themselves. 

Industry View

Google’s Duplex Lets a Bot Be Your Voice

Thanks to the Duplex technology, Google Assistant can make simple calls on your behalf. But how much automation is too much?

Speech Technology News

VoiceVault Enters Administration, Selling Off Assets

VoiceVault, a provider of voice biometrics, has been taken over by administrators and will sell off its business and assets, according to Computer Business Review. 

Better Mobile Voice Experience Needed

Overall, daily voice command technology usage is routine for only a third of users, even though 70% have tried voice once at least once. Barriers to more widespread use include privacy concerns, poor experiences using voice control and limited ownership of Internet of Things smart devices.

Live Captioning Comes to Google Slides

Google announced, during Accessibility Awareness Month, that it is adding a live captioning feature to its G Suite presentation app Slides.

CallQX Launches Hosted In-Queue Music and Messaging Platform for IVR and PBX Telephony Systems

Joint venture delivers fully-customized caller experiences featuring popular music, professionally-recorded voice prompts, and control for callers and contact centers.

Sonant Corporation Selected to Automate Jury Services for Los Angeles County Superior Court

Cloud-based CourtTalk JuryTM software to handle calls and juror notifications.

Industry Voices

How to Achieve Integrated Marketing Greatness from Your Most Powerful Sales Tools: Call Intelligence and Your CRM

The customer journey has changed considerably in recent years. Now, whether it's from the web to phone or vice versa, customers are able to interact with your brand across various channels. However, this has presented a challenge for data-driven marketers: how exactly can you bridge the online-offline gap to profitably acquire customers if you can't piece their sales journey together? By integrating call intelligence and CRM systems.

Why Are Conversational Interfaces So Difficult to Build? (Video)

Artificial Solutions CEO Andy Peart discusses the complexities of building conversational interfaces that effectively map language in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.

Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Education

Speech technologies are transforming classrooms.