Speech Technology eWeekly - November 21, 2007


Paltalk Expands Videoconferencing to Thousands at Once

Online community pulled out all the stops in a multimedia conference involving author Stephen King.

TTS Is Finding Its Way

TTS technology marches forward, despite its current flaws and limitations.

Case Studies

Listening for Lies

Voice risk analysis helps the British government deter benefits fraud.

Speech Technology News

LiveVox Opens the Doors on Voice Portal 3.0

Inbound and outbound features unite in an alternative to the dialer; one analyst sees hints of ambition.

CSR Makes It Cheaper to Get an MP3

CSR, a provider of personal wireless technologies, announced today the launch of BlueCore Player, a low-cost Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player with voice controls.

Primas Prepares to Pounce on New Market Opening

When Nuance acquired contact center solution provider Viecore last month, many chalked it up as yet another example of the speech powerhouse buying up more market space. But Primas viewed the purchase as an opportunity.

Merrill Lynch Trades Up to VoIP

Financial services giant Merrill Lynch will roll out roughly 4,000 IQ/MAX trading desktops—running a VoIP-powered system from IPC Systems—at its trading centers in London and New York.