Speech Technology eWeekly - February 06, 2019


The 2019 State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Accuracy rates rise and quality improves

Speech Technology News

Telestream To Unveil New Cloud Media Processing Products, Including Live Captioning

Uniquely positioned to help media organizations address rising costs and quality issues for multi-platform, multi-versioned content distribution wherever media resides.

CaptionMaker Subtitle Software Supports Over 100 Languages and Auto Transcription

Provides direct access to Telestream Cloud timed text speech auto-transcription service from within CaptionMaker application.

IoT Devices Should Deal with Privacy Impacts for People with Disabilities

FPF recommends approaches to incorporate privacy, accessibility by design.

Industry Voices

Speech Technology for Productivity

Speech dictation has been found to be three times faster than touch screen typing on mobile devices and two to three times faster than typing on a full keyboard. And the cost of obtaining an automated transcript is usually quite low. Not to mention the quick turnaround time. There are a number of ways speech technology can make processes in our daily lives and work environments more efficient.

Why Consumers Prefer People For Customer Service Queries

Do customers consider chatbots a better solution to common issues they may face online? A survey suggests that human-facing customer service is still the best way to satisfy your customers.