Speech Technology eWeekly - May 15, 2019


The AI Skills Gap

The lack of AI and machine learning talent has left employers scrambling

Editor's Letter

Solving Pain Points for Newcomers Could Set You Apart

Smart vendors will think beyond AI and algorithms and find ways to solve business problems

Speech Technology News

Luminoso Announces New ConceptNet Features and Growing Adoption

Open data project used to enable AI applications is now queried more than 250,000 per day.

Microsoft Announces Advancements in Speech

At its Build conference, Microsoft announced a few developments that have speech technology enthusiasts following closely.

Google Announces On-Device Speech Recognition Software

According to CEO Sundar Pichai it means the speech recognition software that has lived on Google's cloud servers can now be installed in Pixel smartphones Google says it will launch later this year.

Privacy Groups File Complaint Against Amazon

Two groups have raised concerns that the Echo Dot Kids Edition allows kids to easily divulge sensitive information and makes it hard for parents to truly delete the data.