Speech Technology eWeekly - February 20, 2008


Analytics to Become a Broader Business Tool

Because of the increasing multimodality of customer interactions that include not only phones but chat, email, and Web data, enterprises need to think beyond the call center to maximize the benefits of a speech analytics solution, analyst firm Frost & Sullivan concluded in a recent report.

A Talking Head Lends a Helping Hand

Two professors at the University of California-Santa Cruz received a $100,000 grant from Microsoft to fund their work on a virtual speech therapy tutoring system to help stroke victims regain their powers of speech.


Industry Dashboard: The 2008 Forecast

Voice Value

Speech in Electronic Signatures

Voice biometrics can play a role, but we'll still need notaries.

Speech Technology News

Customer SelfService Is a Snap for Vodafone Customers

Telecom giant installs SelfService Suite to deliver on-device customer care

Password Reset Is Nuance's Latest Offering

Part of Nuance's Employee Productivity Suite, solution can save IT departments up to $20 per call.