Customer SelfService Is a Snap for Vodafone Customers

Vodafone Group, an international mobile communications group with more than 252 million customers in 25 countries across five continents, announced yesterday that it will deploy SNAPin Software’s SelfService suite as part of a global initiative to increase customer satisfaction.

SNAPin’s SelfService suite includes SelfService Care, a program with personalized tools that allow users to make account inquiries and resolve customer support issues right on their phones. The program also can automatically diagnose and repair device and network settings before the customer even notices a problem. Also included is SelfService Campaign, a program that delivers interactive promotions to let subscribers discover new services and learn to use them right on their phones. Together, the product suite should cut the number of customer support calls to a live agent by 75percent. Vodafone customers will gain more control of when and how they access help, quickly and in an intuitive way.

Vodafone’s hope is that SNAPin’s self-service software will not only improve the customer care experience but also increase customer adoption of new mobile services and features.

"Excellent customer service is central to how we acquire and retain loyal customers," Paul de Laat, global director of customer value management at Vodafone, said in a statement. A large part of this is giving our customers a choice of when and how they contact us and providing them with accurate and timely help when they need it."

According to de Laat, Vodafone conducted thorough trials of SNAPin's technology before the full launch and found that self-help directly on the handset did improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. "It was also evident that this kind of differentiated service could potentially stimulate additional revenue as customers become more confident and interested to try new service offerings," he said.


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