Speech Technology eWeekly - November 27, 2019

Q & A

Q&A: David Morand on Integrating a Contextual AI Assistant with VoiceXML

If you need a dialogue engine that will allow you to develop next-gen conversational IVR applications while being compatible with the VoiceXML standard, this is a must read.

Speech Technology News

ReadSpeaker Adds Flemish, Indonesian, Latvian, Romanian, and Slovak Voices

ReadSpeaker Text to Speech is now available in five new languages. The company says it is delighted to introduce eight brand new lifelike digital voice personas.

Artificial Solutions to Steer Conversational AI Applications for Scania

Artificial Solutions, a specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced that Scania, a major manufacturer of trucks and buses, will be using Teneo to build a variety of conversational applications.

U.S. Consumers Believe Customer Support Calls Put Them at Risk for Fraud

More than four in five Americans think brands could do more to prevent customer service fraud and one in four don't trust that brands are handling their personal information securely.


The Internet of Things Needs a Lingua Franca

With the proliferation of smart speakers, voice interaction with home devices is becoming increasingly common, and on the horizon are voice interactions with an ever greater number of smart environments—cities, offices, classrooms, factories, and healthcare settings. Developers will need to be on the same page

Industry Voices

Video: Benchmarking Voice Assistants, Pt. 3: Comparison Questions

Cognilytica Analysts Kathleen Walch & Ronald Schmelzer discuss the first test in their benchmarking project, testing the intelligent assistants' handling of comparison questions in this clip from their presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.