Speech Technology eWeekly - August 19, 2020

Speech Technology News

TV Marketing Campaign Recreates Louis XIV's Voice

A campaign to market season three of the Versailles series featured a voicebot of the famed Sun King.

Bossa Nova Brings Caperio AI to North America

Caperio uses AI and speech analytics to improve remote and on-site agent performance.

IstTek Announces Official European Launch

IstTek is bringing its speech and contact center solutions to the European market.

Nuance Expands Availability of Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional users can now access Nuance's cloud-based, AI-powered documentation solution for law enforcement, social services, financial services, and legal. 

Red Box Launches Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

The solution will capture, archive, and retain voice and metadata from Microsoft Teams interactions.

iNAGO and ABC Technologies Partner to Create an Interactive and Intelligent In-Car Assistant

The joint effort would create a smart automotive interior that integrates an intelligent conversational assistant with smart interior components.

Onymos Adds Conversation to Onymos Fabric

Onymos' Conversation Component helps developers incorporate voice user interfaces into mobile and web interactions.

Buddy.ai Brings Its Voice-Based Games to Latin America

Buddy will help Spanish-speaking children learn English through voice-based games.