Speech Technology eWeekly - September 16, 2020


Companies Turn to IVAs to Deal with COVID Surges

Automated voice solutions have helped contact centers handle rising interaction volume during the pandemic

Speech Technology News

[24]7.ai Unveils Engagement Cloud

[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud is an integrated conversational AI platform for businesses.

Baidu Launches XiaoduPods Earbuds with Voice Capabilities

Baidu XiaoduPods offer built-in translation and voice search

Loom.ai Launches LoomieLive Pro for Creating Talking Avatars

LoomieLive Pro lets users create talking avatars for use on Zoom and other video communications platforms.

Voximplant Launches Voximplant Kit for No-Code Contact Center Development

With Voximplant Kit, companies can deploy omnichannel, speech-enabled contact centers in minutes. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

Call Journey Updates Australian Speech Solution 

Call Journey has released CJ V6.5, offering greater transcription accuracy

Speechmatics and Nuix Bring Speech Recognition to E-Discovery

The partnership helps transform voice data into actionable insights. 

Inside Speech

Amid the Pandemic, Speech Technologies Expand the Telehealth Options

The telehealth approach is now providing treatments across the healthcare spectrum